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Spatial Pleasure raises 120 million yen in a third-party allotment as a seed round

Spatial Pleasure (CEO: Sohma Suzuki, Head Office: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo), a developer of DMRV software for carbon credit certification in the transportation sector to promote decarbonization, has announced that the company raised 120 million JPY in a seed round funding, with following lead investors: Spiral Capital, Inc., DG Incubation, Inc.; and following follow-on investors: Deep Core Inc. and STATION Ai Corp..


With this financing, Spatial Pleasure aims to expand its business overseas, mainly in Asia, obtain carbon credit certification in the voluntary and compliance markets in both Japan and overseas, and strengthen their recruitment of human resources.


About Spatial Pleasure

Spatial Pleasure develops DMRV (digital, Measurement, Reporting, Verification) software that supports the certification and measurement of carbon credits, and proposes decarbonization in the transportation domain.

We are working with transportation operators to decarbonize areas by quantifying the environmental benefits of each transportation operator and issuing carbon credits. Currently, 40% of a city’s transportation infrastructure consists of roads and parking lots, but most of those are not optimized. Urban reoptimization based on quantitative analytics of externality of transportation will transform parking lots into parks, streets into coffee shops and bars, and other spaces that are more meaningful to our lives.


Spatial Pleasure Business Overview

Business description: DMRV software development specializing in the transportation domain

Operating Company: Spatial Pleasure Co., Ltd.

CEO: Soma Suzuki, President

Location: 501 Manoa Tamagawa No.3 Building, 3-20-2 Tamagawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 158-0094, Japan

Establishment: May 2019

Official website:


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Spatial Pleasure Co., Ltd.

Person in charge: Kotaro Takekata

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