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Spatial Pleasure and GEOTRA Initiated Collaboration for Analysis Tasks Aimed at Maximizing Urban Potential

Spatial Pleasure and GEOTRA Collaborate on Urban Potential Analysis Using High-Precision Human Flow Simulation
The companies are seeking demonstration partners, including local governments, developers, and transportation operators.

Spatial Pleasure (Operating Company: Placy Co., Ltd.; Head office: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Soma Suzuki) has entered into a partnership with GEOTRA Co., LTD (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Hiroshi Jinnai; hereinafter referred to as “GEOTRA”) to conduct analysis work aimed at maximizing urban potential. By leveraging Spatial Pleasure’s algorithms and GEOTRA’s human flow simulation technology to create highly accurate human flow personas, we will engage in analysis work that contributes to the long-term enhancement of area value.

Background of this initiative

At historical turning points, such as pandemics and an aging society with a declining birthrate, the expectations and demands placed on cities are undergoing significant transformation. To effectively reorganize urban spaces, it is essential to study spatial formation and transportation policies based on quantitative human flow simulation analysis*.

Traditionally, human flow simulation data has primarily focused on basic attributes such as age and gender, with its primary use being the optimization of location planning for public transportation networks, civil engineering infrastructure, medical and welfare facilities, and educational and cultural facilities. However, in this collaboration, we aim to go beyond traditional approaches by assigning sensory parameters such as tastes and preferences to the human flow simulation data. By doing so, we will conduct analysis to optimize the location and curation of establishments such as coffee shops and bars within the area. Furthermore, we will explore measures to improve the value of the area by leveraging the unique characteristics of each city. Through this analysis, we will implement measures to enhance the overall value of the area by utilizing the distinctiveness of each city.


  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism – “Promoting Smart Planning”
  • Smart planning is a method of urban planning that examines facility layout, spatial formation, and transportation measures based on simulations of human movement and predictions of the effects of measures using individual behavioral data. In the past, when considering the location of educational and cultural facilities (community centers, libraries, etc.) and medical and welfare facilities, the general location was determined based on population distribution and the location of existing facilities. However, determining the optimal location within a district based on publicly owned land or available vacant land was challenging. Smart planning utilizes big data to understand the mobility characteristics of individuals and examines the optimal location of facilities by analyzing changes in factors such as “walking distance,” “number of stops,” and “time spent” when altering facility layout and road space allocation. (Source:

Outline of Initiatives

GEOTRA generates virtual location data (synthetic human flow data) by processing the location data of authorized KDDI cell phone subscribers. This data is statistically accurate but does not identify individuals. In the collaboration between Spatial Pleasure and GEOTRA, we will combine Spatial Pleasure’s algorithm with GEOTRA’s human flow simulation data to generate persona behavior data that includes sensory attributes such as hobbies, tastes, and preferences.

Recruitment of Demonstration Partners

We are currently seeking demonstration partners to facilitate collaboration. If you are responsible for any of the following business areas and are interested in participating in this project, we would be delighted to hear from you.


  • Types of Demonstration Partners and the Value They Can Provide

  • – Local government: Opportunities to enhance area value and improve travel rates.
  • – Transportation operators: Possibilities for improving travel rates, optimizing routes, and enhancing value along rail lines.
  • – Developers: Potential for improving travel rates, implementing effective area management measures, and enhancing area value.
  • – Retail and service industry: Trade area analysis, customer analysis of store visits, and analysis of competitors’ stores’ customer base.
  • – Real estate finance: Opportunities for conducting due diligence.
  • Benefits of Participating in the Demonstration

  • – Customized insight menu developed based on thorough interviews to address your specific challenges.
  • – Cost-effective insights compared to utilizing a full menu.
  • – (Optional for participating companies) Press releases highlighting the initiatives.

Comment from Soma Suzuki, CEO of Spatial Pleasure

We are delighted to collaborate with GEOTRA on this initiative. We strongly believe that GEOTRA’s virtual location data, which includes synthetic human flow data, plays a crucial role in reimagining urban spaces, especially during significant historical transitions such as pandemics, declining birth rates, and aging populations. By combining GEOTRA’s human flow simulation technology with Spatial Pleasure’s expertise in urban data analysis, particularly in the realm of sensory parameters, we will conduct analysis work that contributes to maximizing the unique value of each city.

Comment from Hiroshi Jinnai, CEO of GEOTRA

We are thrilled to collaborate with Spatial Pleasure on this project. At GEOTRA, our mission is to ‘move society forward with the power of data,’ and we have been dedicated to assisting real estate developers, municipalities, and other businesses in making well-informed decisions regarding planning and policy. Our data platform facilitates the visualization and analysis of human flow in cities, delivering valuable insights across various industries. By harnessing GEOTRA’s expertise in human flow simulation and combining it with Spatial Pleasure’s advanced algorithms, we can construct highly accurate human flow personas. Our goal is to contribute to the continued enhancement of each city’s value and foster a competitive and dynamic industry among venture companies.

Spatial Pleasure Company Profile

Business Description: Urban data analysis centered on sensory parameters

Operating company: Placy Co., Ltd.

Representative: Soma Suzuki, CEO

Location: Orbit 302, 4-10-4 Daizawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 155-0032, Japan

Established: May 2019

Official Website:

GEOTRA Co., LTD Company Profile

Business Description: Provision of web-based systems and consultation services that integrate, visualize, and analyze human flow and other information within the city, as well as businesses related to these services

CEO: Hirohiro Jinnai

Head Office: Otemachi One Tower 6F, 1-2-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Official Website:

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