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Spatial Pleasure, a Company Conducting Transportation Sector Carbon Credit Certification, Announced Completion of Pre-Seed Funding and Advisor Appointment

Spatial Pleasure (Operating Company: Spatial Pleasure Co., Ltd.; Head Office: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Soma Suzuki), a company specializing in carbon credit certification for the transportation sector, has announced the completion of its pre-seed funding round and the appointment of Mr. Osamu Koyanagi as an advisor.

  • The funding was secured from Digital Garage Group, DEEPCORE, and G-STARTUP.


Spatial Pleasure is actively developing DMRV software, which certifies and measures carbon credits for transit operators contributing to area decarbonization. Through the issuance of carbon credits, the company aims to quantify the environmental benefits of each transportation operator, collaborating with bus and bike share operators to achieve region-wide decarbonization.


Currently, 40% of cities are dominated by transportation infrastructure such as roads and parking lots, which lack significance and value for us. By conducting quantitative evaluation of externalities based on traffic carbon, Spatial Pleasure aims to transform these spaces into parks, coffee shops, bars, and other meaningful areas that enhance our lives.


  • The list of investors includes:

    • Open Network Lab-ESG No. 1 Investment Limited Partnership


    • G-STARTUP Fund


The financing received will facilitate the company’s expansion into international markets, particularly in Asia, the development of algorithms for evaluating the environmental benefits of transportation operators, and the reinforcement of its human resources recruitment efforts.


  • Spatial Pleasure is actively hiring.

  • Spatial Pleasure is hiring for several positions. This is great timing for us as we are starting to expand not only in Japan but also in Jakarta, Vietnam, and other countries. Spatial Pleasure has a great and strong team, so if you are interested in cities, transportation, carbon credits, and externality assessment, we would like to talk with you.

Regarding the Appointment of Osamu Koyanagi as an Advisor:

(Career Summary of Mr. Osamu Koyanagi)

After graduating from the University of Tokyo with a degree in Liberal Arts, Mr. Osamu Koyanagi joined the Japan Development Bank (now Development Bank of Japan Inc.), where he held a key role in dealing with authorities during the privatization process. Throughout his tenure, he played a pivotal part in managing Japan’s first carbon credit investment fund, the Japan Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund, and its operating company, Japan Carbon Finance, Ltd. Following his retirement from the executive position at the bank, he ventured into entrepreneurship and founded GoodAt, Inc. in 2018. Since then, he has been dedicated to developing his business with a strong focus on managing companies that contribute to carbon neutrality, particularly offering consultancy services for new business endeavors related to carbon credits.


(Comment by Osamu Koyanagi)

The field of carbon credits in the transportation sector, in which Spatial Pleasure operates, is relatively new in developed countries like Japan, although there are already examples of carbon credits certified in developing countries through initiatives like the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) during the Kyoto Protocol era. Achieving carbon neutrality requires every citizen to make lifestyle changes. However, there has been a lack of authorized methods to measure the carbon reduction effects of individual micro-efforts. Spatial Pleasure’s software represents the first effort in the transportation field to address this challenge. With this software, it becomes possible to measure the carbon reduction impact of each individual’s use of public transportation. If these reductions can be certified as carbon credits, it has the potential to be a breakthrough that adds new economic value to individual lifestyle changes. This, in turn, contributes to the realization of carbon neutrality—a global issue shared by all of humanity. This technology plays a significant role in achieving carbon neutrality, which is a challenge we all face together.


  • Currently, Spatial Pleasure is actively working towards raising its next seed round, and we would be delighted to hear from any interested investors or companies.

Spatial Pleasure Company Profile

Business Description: DMRV software development specializing in the transportation domain

Operating Company: Spatial Pleasure Co., Ltd.

Representative Director: Soma Suzuki

Location: Orbit 302, 4-10-4 Daizawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 155-0032, Japan

Established: May 2019

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