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Wundar Transport Technologies and Spatial Pleasure Collaborated to Initiate Carbon Credit Generation Based on Environmental Benefits Assessment of Chartered Buses

Spatial Pleasure (Operating Company: Spatial Pleasure Co., Ltd.; Head Office: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Soma Suzuki), in collaboration with Wunder Transport Technologies, Inc. (Representative Director: Hidekazu Nishikido; Head Office: Meguro-ku, Tokyo), has initiated a collaboration to create carbon credits based on the environmental benefit assessment of chartered buses.

Background of this initiative

Transportation accounts for 40%* of the world’s carbon emissions, making transportation optimization a top priority for urban decarbonization. In addition to the “energy shift,” such as the transition to EVs, promoting “modal shift,” which involves shifting transportation modes, is also crucial for decarbonizing the transportation sector*.


In this collaboration, we will work with Wunder Transport Technologies, which operates busket, a charter bus dispatch and operation management service, to monitor the environmental benefits and carbon reduction effects of replacing commuting and transportation with buses, aiming to generate carbon credits.

Sustainable Travel International (


*Diverse modes of transportation are necessary for sustainable urban transportation. It is important to note that charter buses offer excellent environmental efficiency, and we do not intend to disregard other modes of transportation.

Wunder Transport Technologies Business Overview

Wunder Transport Technologies, Inc. operates an online charter bus arrangement website that matches charter buses ‘immediately’ and ‘at the lowest price’ with the mission of ‘increasing the degree of freedom in the world through transportation.’ The company has been involved in creating transportation-related businesses, such as providing transportation through chartered buses and operating tour platforms. For example, they provide transportation services for large events, match transportation for sports facilities, and conduct pilot tests of free commuter shuttle buses in city centers.

Spatial Pleasure Business Overview

Spatial Pleasure develops DMRV (Digital, Measurement, Reporting, Verification) software for the urban and transportation domains. The goal is to build more sustainable cities by quantifying the environmental benefits of each mode of transportation, such as BRT, buses, shared cycles, ropeways, etc., and issuing carbon credits as appropriate.

  • Spatial Pleasure is actively hiring.

  • Spatial Pleasure is currently recruiting for several positions. We are experiencing an exciting period of growth, expanding not only in Japan but also in Jakarta and Vietnam. With our talented and dedicated team, we are seeking individuals who are passionate about cities, transportation, carbon credits, and externality assessment. If you share our interests and would like to join us, we would love to have a conversation with you.

Wunder Transport Technologies Company Profile

Company Name : Wonder Transport Technologies, Inc.

Representative Director : Hidekazu Nishikido

Official Website:

Head Office Location: 1F, 1-4-3 Nakameguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0061, Japan

E-mail :

Spatial Pleasure Company Profile

Business Description: DMRV software development specializing in the transportation domain

Operating Company: Spatial Pleasure Co., Ltd.

Representative Director: Soma Suzuki

Location: Orbit 302, 4-10-4 Daizawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 155-0032, Japan

Established: May 2019

Official Website: