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Spatial Pleasure appoints Mr. Takashi Oguchi as advisor.

Spatial Pleasure (Operated by Spatial Pleasure Inc., Headquarter: Setagaya Ward, Tokyo, President: Soma Suzuki) is pleased to announce that Mr. Takashi Oguchi has been appointed as an advisor.

Professor Oguchi is engaged as a professor at the Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo, and is the director of the Advanced Mobility Research Center.


Our company mission is decarbonization of the entire transportation and urban areas through providing DMRV (Digital, Measurement, Reporting, Verification) software in the transportation.


Spatial Pleasure intends to develop methodologies and traffic data analysis algorithms related to carbon credits in a way that guarantees a scientific basis for the project with Professor Oguchi’s expertise in traffic engineering and integrated transportation system design.

About Mr. Takashi Oguchi

Takashi Oguchi obtained his Ph.D. in Engineering from the University of Tokyo in 1993. After working at Nissan Motor Co., Ltd, Tokyo Metropolitan University, and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne as a visiting professor, he was appointed to his current position in 2011. He specializes in Traffic Engineering and Traffic Management and Control. His research areas include traffic signal control, road network traffic flow management, integrated traffic system design including automatic driving, and hierarchical planning and design of road traffic systems and road/street plans. His awards include the MLIT (Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) Award of the Industry, Academia and Government Cooperation Contribution, the Yoneya-Sasaki Award in the research category, and the Japan Society of Traffic Engineers Paper Award.

Comments from Mr. Takashi Oguchi

In-urban mobility is an extremely important factor, especially from the perspective of survival of small and medium-sized cities. In order to link the growing environmental and health consciousness to the revitalization of urban centers in cities, especially municipalities, it is necessary to promote mobility that curbs automobile use by utilizing a variety of transportation modes, especially public transportation. Spatial Pleasure Inc. has developed a platform that enables the scientific estimation of CO2 emissions by transportation mode and is engaged in the business of promoting the conversion to a public transportation-centered urban transportation system. We believe that this will be a very valuable solution in terms of changing citizen behavior, revolutionizing transportation service business models, and improving the financial performance of the transportation sector.

Spatial Pleasure Business Overview

Spatial Pleasure develops DMRV (Digital, Measurement, Reporting, Verification) software for the urban and transportation. Our goal is to build a more sustainable city by quantifying the environmental benefits of each mode of transportation, such as BRT, buses, shared cycles, and ropeways, and issuing carbon credits as appropriate.

  • Spatial Pleasure is actively hiring.

  • Spatial Pleasure is hiring for several positions. This is great timing for us as we are starting to expand not only in Japan but also in Jakarta, Vietnam, and other countries. Spatial Pleasure has a great and strong team, so if you are interested in cities, transportation, carbon credits, and externality assessment, we would like to talk with you.

About Spatial Pleasure

Business: DMRV software development specializing in transportation

Operating company: Spatial Pleasure Inc.

President: Soma Suzuki, Chief Executive Officer

Location: Orbit302, 4-10-4 Daizawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 155-0032, Japan

Founded: May 2019

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